Why Inspect a Septic System?

Why inspect a septic system?

A septic system can be working poorly but still be working. The primary reasons to inspect a septic system are to determine how well a system is working and to assess any special care or maintenance that may be needed to prevent failure. Most often, inspections are made when purchasing a home, when adding residents to a home, or because failures have occurred.

A commonly misunderstood fact is that septic systems go through a slow progression to the stage of failure. It is not simply a matter of working one day and not the next. Rather, the system loses efficiency more and more as it is used. Failure occurs when the system is no longer efficient enough to process the amount of sewage going it. At that point, sewage backs up into the house, pools on the ground, or runs into a lake or stream. Obviously, those septic system failures are quite unpleasant. They smell, they cause illness, and they can be very expensive to repair.

The extent of an inspection may vary depending on the purpose of the evaluation. In any case, the inspector should verify the type of final disposal, including size, materials, condition of materials, impacts on the system, and potential flow rates. After all, what works for a family of three may not work for a family of six.

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  • Drinking Water Sampling
  • Water Supply Consultation
  • Educational Seminars
  • Sewer District Planning/Septic Surveys

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