How Septic Systems are Affected by Covid-19

These unprecedented times of Shelter-in-Place to slow the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19) are placing unforeseen stress on septic systems.  Not from the virus itself, rather from the increased use of water and sanitizing chemicals.  The last thing anyone wants is to find is that they have a failing septic system.  However, failing septic systems will become a reality for many, as gurgling is heard in plumbing, sewage appears in the yard, and sewage backs up into the home.

Septic systems are designed to handle sewage flows based on historic average values.  But that history is from a time when people were on the go, often away from home for work, school, or recreation.   Shelter-in-Place orders keep more people home and using more water, flushing toilets, washing hands, cooking and cleaning.

Altogether, household water use is exceeding design capacity of many septic systems.  Most of the problems will occur for larger households, those with older or poorly constructed systems, or those that are already stressed.  The status and limits of a septic system can be determined with an evaluation.  But with or without knowing the limits, the best advice for maintaining a septic system is water conservation.  Our next segment will discuss practical water conservation measures during Shelter-in-Place.

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