A good septic inspection
includes drainfield borings.

Whether selling or buying a home, our inspections are tailored to your needs. We are certified through local health departments and the State of Michigan. We are fully qualified for FHA, VA, and Rural Development inspections.

There are many good reasons to have a septic system inspected:

  • To buy a house (due diligence, like a home inspection)   FHA, VA, RD Certified
  • To sell a house (regulatory or sales incentive) (encourage buyers; satisfy regulations)
  • To troubleshoot problems
  • To increase occupancy (ensure adequate capacity)
  • To remodel a house (ensure adequate capacity and verify location)

Septic systems fail progressively, and problems exist long before they show up in the septic tank or house.  A good inspection tells how well a system is working, not just if it is working.


Our inspections include:

  • Description of construction features
  • Detail on how well the system is working
  • Troubleshooting advice with sensible solutions
  • Written reports
  • Accurate site plans
  • Advice specific to the system
  • Educational material


We need access to the house, and water should be turned on. The inspection itself normally takes about two hours. We verify the type of system, size of the system, and map on an aerial photo or with a CAD program. Inspections are taylored to the type of system and site conditions. The disposal area is the most sensitive, critical, and expensive part of the system, so it is the primary focus. Septic tanks are opened on a case by case basis, depending on other observations. We will be probing and digging into the system, with the goal of finding out materials used, condition of the materials, and how much daily loading it can handle. (MISS DIG should be contacted if underground utilities are suspected in the area. Enviro-Assist cannot be responsible for underground lines that have not been marked) A written report is provided one to two days after the inspection. If a well inspection was included, the report is provided once the water sample results come back from the laboratory.

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